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2020 Public Shows

Daffodil Festival

Charles Island SUP CUP

Daffodil Festival

April 26, 2020  1:15 PM

Meriden, CT

Free show at the Festival

KPDC Showcase

Charles Island SUP CUP

Daffodil Festival

May 16, 2020

Waterbury, CT 

Tickets and info coming soon

Charles Island SUP CUP

Charles Island SUP CUP

Hartford Yard Goats - Post Game Show

June 20, 2020

Walnut Beach, Milford

Free show on the beach

Hartford Yard Goats - Post Game Show

Hartford Yard Goats - Post Game Show

Hartford Yard Goats - Post Game Show

June 27, 2020

Dunkin Donuts Park, Hartford, CT

7th Inning Stretch and Post Game Show

Game ticket required

Forever in My Heart Foundation Gala

Hartford Yard Goats - Post Game Show

Forever in My Heart Foundation Gala

October 3, 2020

Marriott Hotel, Hartford, CT

Fundraiser event

Come take lessons and join us for our next performance

Lessons take place twice a month



The Hula is uniquely its own beautiful art form within Polynesia. All dancers at Kaiholunuie are trained in both Kahiko, the ancient and original form of hula, and auana, the more modern form. Through hula, we hope to extend feelings of aloha to you.



Dance is an important part of Maori culture. From poi to Maori stick games, Kaiholunuie strives to honor the traditions of the Maori culture.



Resonant drumming and fast movement are what one thinks of when envisioning Tahitian dance; however, those elements are but a sampling of the varied dance styles found in Tahiti.

OriFusion! with Kaiulani


Kaiulani has trained in the art of Polynesian dance since age three with her mother, a former professional dancer. She grew up surrounded by the food, culture, and lifestyle, which fostered her love of the islands and dance. Kaiulani began dancing professionally five years ago at local venues and now dances for clients such as Make-A-Wish, New Britain Museum of Art, the Connecticut Science Center, and the Bridgeport Yacht Club, as well as many private and backyard events.


Kaiulani fell in love with Tahitian dance after years of performing and perfecting it, and pursues every opportunity to grow. She has taken classes with Leolani Gallardo of Los Angeles, Tehani Robinson of Ori Manea NYC, and Hula instruction from Kumu Kawika Alfiche of Halau 'o Keikiali'i .  Nurtured by all of these professionals, combined  with her mother's love for the culture has inspired Kaiulani.  She has begun co-teaching the keiki (children's) classes at KPDC as well as being an assistant instructor for the Maori, Tahitian, and Hula for the young adult classes.


She began wanting to dance to a broader genre of music in order to draw more young people into the culture on the east coast. This turned into an idea to fuse fitness and Tahiti ori classes together, which Kaiulani is currently in the process of launching as her own branch of KPDC, For more information and registration, visit the OriFusion! page.