Hiring a Hula Dancer

Potential Clients, Please Read*

Performance Space is needed for your Hula Dancers

When  clients ask how much space should be reserved for our hula dancers to  perform, the typical response is that large spaces are the best.  However, a sufficient, roomy performance area where dancers are able to  move about freely can always be worked with. Our dancers are versatile  and able to put on a show in almost any space. However, we ask that you  keep in mind that each of the hula dancers you hire for your event will  need enough space to be able to extend his or her arms fully without  touching anyone or anything. We also ask that the space in which our  dancers perform be clean and free of clutter and anything that may  injure their feet, as hula requires dancers to work barefoot. We also  suggest allowing each hula dancer a 5-10 foot radius to work their magic  for your guests. It is also important to know that from time to time,  hula dancers shift positions and move both toward the front of the  performance area, and away from it, making space for an optimum luau  experience something that one should consider.

Audience  participation is always a fun addition to any luau show; however, you  will need to consider that additional space is required in order for  your guests to fully engage, participate, and learn from the hula  dancers (or to just shake their stuff). While on stage, our hula dancers  try to keep the audience participants close to each other in order to  maximize performance space.

If  you are considering having a fire dancer in your luau show, such as a  fire performance or fire poi dance, please remember that space between  your guests and the performance area is highly important, and something  we require in order for our specialized performances to happen. The  distance of at LEAST ten (10) feet between your audience members and the  performance area is critical. This way, when the fire dancer performs,  there is a smooth transition, and no need arises for the emcee to ask  your guests to move themselves during the show. Even though most  performers are professionals who've done it a million times, accidents  can happen, and no one wants that. We strive to keep our performances,  clients and their guests, safe. 

Proximity of dressing room (hula green room) to performance area


On average, our  hula dancers change costumes approximately five times per hula show, so  you can imagine how important it is to have a dressing area close to the  performance area. Usually after each number, the hula dancers will  quickly move off stage to change costumes, and the clock starts ticking.

Although  our hula dancers often rotate numbers (so there is always a fresh  dancer ready in costume), the hula show will always run more fluidly  when hula dancers aren’t having to  sprint from one area to the next  (hula dancing is already a workout). In addition, having stairs or an  elevator tends to complicate things even more. Ideally, a dressing room  within fifty feet works well. We also require that our hula dancers DO  NOT change in public restrooms. Not only is it unsanitary (as dancers  are working barefoot, and their costuming bags are placed on the floor;   their costumes and personal items are left unattended and exposed to  the public. 

What's your Point of View?


WE have done many  hula shows where guests floated through the performance area, without a  real, designated, audience space. To maximize viewing of the hula  dancers and performers, while keeping audience members from floating  through the performance area or having to stand on their "tippie-toes"  to see the dancers, you should consider having a designated performance  area,  or designated seating, set out in a way that allows all audience  members a premium view of the performance area. We recommend the  crescent-chair configuration which seems to work well should you need to  arrange seating.

Hula dancing  is an absolutely beautiful art form. If you provide your hula dancers  with a great performance space, they'll pay you back ten-fold with a  beautiful, engaging, and entertaining performance.

Have a great luau show, ALOHA!

*Modified notes from Chris Tuiaana