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Dariusz Kanarek B.A., M.S. (203) 558-5664

Dariusz's education and career path followed his passion for arts, motion picture and technology, which he has fulfilled with assignments ranging from creative and technical to senior management roles. Over the years, he has achieved professional competence in areas of interactive media, video operations and production as well as project management. His experience in creating and producing audio-visual content spans over two decades and includes positions in major broadcasting, publishing and technology companies. Assignment diversity allowed him to work with a variety of subject matters including instructional, corporate and community focused content.  Kaiholunuie had the honor of having such a talented photographer shoot our showcase production.


Aloha Hula NYC, our sister company

Visit our sister company, Aloha Hula NYC, for great hula shows. We work together often offering exciting floor shows.  


Flat Waves Food Shack

Book your luau event with Kaiholunuie dancers & food from Flat Waves!  A fun and fresh local restaurant caterer and food cart bringing you great food and service at an awesome price.  Founded in 2010 and inspired by the Hawaiian plate lunch.  Located in Middletown, RI at URI, & at Surfers End Second Beach, Flat Waves will cater your party in Connecticut.