OriFusion! with Kaiulani

Come dance with me and feel the rhythm of the islands!


         Tahitian Dance is a hot, intense, and tropical way to engage fitness and fun.  We now offer fitness classes for all ages in our Wallingford studio. 


 Kaiulani has been a dancer since the age of three and has performed professionally for the past five years; she is excited to bring this invigorating artform to Connecticut and share it with all of you. No experience is needed, simply bring yourself, some water, and the Aloha Spirit to enjoy a night of dance fitness!


970 North Colony Rd

Wallingford, CT

(203) 927-1239

Pre register or drop in for $20.00 per class.

2019 Schedule

The Benefits of Tahitian Dance*

Waistline Muscles

The transverse abdominus keeps your waist pulled in while performing Tahitian dancing, which helps develop strong core muscles. The "ami" is a big circle with the hips that uses a crunch to the front that works the abs. The upper and lower abs down the middle of your waist give the rippled definition sometimes called a 6-pack. The "tamau" is a simple move that bumps your hips side to side, working the internal and external obliques on your sides. The "afata" is when your hips are bumped to all four corners of the room. In the "varu," you move your hips in a figure 8. The "afata" and "varu" are dynamic movements that work all of your waist muscles.

Firm Waist

Waistline muscles are worked against the resistance of the body's weight in Tahitian dancing. Resistance causes your muscles to lengthen and contract with use until tiny microtears form in the muscle fibers. Your body repairs the tears during hypertrophy, and the muscles grow bigger and stronger. When your waist muscles are strong, they enable you to hold your abdomen in and avoid the dreaded pooch. A strong waist will have a firm, toned appearance.

Aerobic Activity​​

Tahitian dance is a moderate aerobic activity when you do it quickly enough to raise your heart rate. Moderate aerobic activity will make you breath faster, sweat after 10 minutes of dancing and leave you able to have a conversation but not sing. Aim to dance least 30 minutes three times a week. Increasing the time spent dancing each week will improve your results by burning more calories. Aerobic activity will trim the waist by helping your body to target visceral fat, which is located deep in your abdominal cavity around your organs. You will be trimming your waist from the inside out.

*​information from thenest.com